Carlos Hernandez Sr. trading as Pest-A-Side is a past contractor for this Authority doing extermination.

While working for the Authority, this firm was involved in the full range of extermination
services including roach control, flea control, rodent control and bird control Pest-A-Side was extremely successful in helping the Authority control pigeon problems at its high rise buildings.

Presently, the Authority changed the manner in which it did it’s extermination by brining on staff of in-house exterminators thereby eliminating Pest-A-Side and like contractors.

It is a pleasure to recommend to you the services of Pest-A-Side.

Housing Authority of the City of Camden
Paul W. Hamilton
Director of Operation

Pest-A-Side Exterminating has been providing extermination services for the Housing Authority of the County of Chester. During this time we have seen a substantial improvement in pest control.

The Authority is quite pleased with the services we are receiving. The compliments and praise received from the tenants has been unmatched.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact me at (610) 430-0797

Andrea Aultman-Smith
Purchasing Agent
Housing Authority of the County of Chester

This letter of recommendation is to acknowledge the outstanding job PEST-A-SIDE Exterminating Co. did removing the pigeons from around the Memorial Hall building located in Fairmount Park.

The unique structure, history, and character of this building presendted them with many special challenges, which they met with prompt, professional service.

They did an excellent job. I was quite pleased with their work, and would certainly highily recommend them for any job requiring the removal of pest of this nature.

If you need any further information, feel free to contact me at the address listed above or by calling my office at 215-685-0116.

Michael DeSanto
Park Facilities Manager
Fairmount Park Commission

Pest-A-Side Exterminating Company is a family owned and operated business with their main objectives being professionalism, customer satisfaction, and a need and desire for growth in the pest control industry. After having employed Pest-A-Side Exteminating Company, we took an immediate notice of how efficiently they have handled our pre-construction treatments. They also provide all the necessary certifications as to fascilitate any type of financing for the sale of the properties. As well as acting in a professional manner, their guarantee and fee are wxceptional in the industry.

As we continue our growth in the building trade, Pest-A-Side will be along side of us in our growth. We highly advise any building contractor to take advantage of a company with a proven track record.

Thank you,
Vito Nordeili
KLW Corporation

The above named company is a large development company based in South Jersey. Over the years, this company or it’s sister companies have built over 5,000 Residential Units, in the South Jersey Area, and are still actively constructing Residential homes in a development, known as Breckenridge Village.

Prior to the start of construction, the common practice of our construction departmen is to have the faoundation areas treated chemically for the prevention of Termite Infestation. Over the years, we have used several companies to provide this service. We have tried small, medium and large companies. Some provided services better than others, but all left something to be desired.

More than a year ago, after dealing with one of the larger companies in this area, we switched to Pest-A-Side. The purpose of this letter is to convey MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION for this company. When they are called for treatment, they respond promptly. Their Termite Certificates are delivered well in advance of the time, they are needed and prepared in a Professioanl manner.

Carlos, who is the operator of this company, has always bee courteous and efficient. In short, I can only say that Pest-A-Side is a company that delivers. Their service is the BEST!

Frank P. DiLenge
Executive Vice President

I have taken the time to write this letter, because they deserve it. They have been one less contractor to worry about, in an industry where service is so important, yet so lacking!

Pest-A-Side Exterminating Co. of Bridgeton, NJ has satisfactorily provided pest control services to the Pumping Division of the Philadelphia Water Department for three years. My buildings have been virtually pest-free, while the services provided by the Pest-A-Side technicians has been unobtrusive in the workplace.

As the supervisor of water pumping stations for a municipality, I especially appreciate the attention that the Manager Carlos gives to handling bids, contracts, and invoices. Questions about billing or scheduing have always generated an immediate response by the Manager himself. Most importantly, Pest-A-Side continued to provide regular service even when the City was responsible for paperwork delays.

In the course of a normal year I handle sixty to seventy contracts for everything from electronic parts to landscaping equipment. In my experience, Pest-A-Side Co. is one of the most cooperative, competent contractors to ever provide service to my division.

James Brady
Assistant Chief of Pumping
City of Philadelphia
Water Department
Pumping Division

This letter is written on behalf of Pest-A-Side Exterminating Company’s manager, Carlos Hernandez, Sr.

My relationship with Pest-A-Side Exterminating has beena a very positive one. We have been doing business for three years, and in that time have appreciated the professionalism and expertise that this company has demonstrated.

It would be my pleasure to recommend Pest-A-Side to any endeavor that they may pursue.

Charles J. Legradi
Building Superintendent
Philadelphia Fire Department

I understand that Pest-A-Side Exterminating Company, is seeking to expand their contracts into the State level, and they have asked me for a letter of reference.

Please be assured that Pest-A-Side, who has serviced the City Council for approximately three years, has earned the trust, confidence and respect of those to whom they are responsible. They are prompt and courteous, and when we call them for anything, whether routine work or an emergency they respond quickly, usually within twenty-four hours.

Their manner is professional and their work has been excellent. In those cases where they have had to return to a room or office, the problem is always resolved satisfactorily.

I am comfortable writing in support of Pest-A-Side for any contact or job, because we in the City Council have had positive results from their work and because they are an easy and professional company with whom to work with.

Roseann P. Cruz
Administrative Services Officer
(215) 686-3407
City of Philadelphia
City Council

Dear Carlos:

I would like to thank you for the service you have provided for my office concerning your termite inspections and certifications. I have never dealt with anyone so courteous to our clients and to our agents. Your fast service and cooperation with our “rush” transactions are certainly an asset to any real estate company.

I look forward to doing more business with your company, and I am confident that your services will continue to keep our settlements running as smooth as they have been for the past year in doing business with you.

Again thank you.

Very truly yours,

Millie Henle

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